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Version 3.5.3

31 Jan 2020
  • Fixed: PHP triggered an error while generating the markup due to PHP buffer.
  • Fixed: The Pop-up not displaying on the website having the same Post, Page & category.

Version 3.5.2

22 Jan 2020

# Important Security Update: Update Now!
A security researcher privately reported a bug about cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability.

Our team immediately took action, and provided the required patch within 2 hours, releasing the update on the same day after thorough validation.

Users don’t need to panic. We haven’t heard of any exploit attempts using this vulnerability. However, we strongly recommend all our users to update Convert Plus as soon as possible.

We take security very seriously and put in continuous efforts to keep our products safe, secure and reliable.

Convert Plus version 3.5.2  has no known security vulnerabilities. And it is recommended that you update it now!

Update Now!

You will soon receive an update notification in your WordPress backend. If not, please make sure you’ve activated your license key.

Looking for another feature or improvement in the plugin? Or just wish to speak out your mind? Please feel free to write to us!

Version 3.5.1

26 Jul 2019
  • Fixed: PHP trigger an error while generating the markup due to PHP buffer.

Version 3.5.0

23 Jul 2019
  • New : Google reCAPTCHA V2.
  • Fixed: Conflict with smart-cookie-kit plugin.(The plugin was not allowing the Convert Plus settings to be saved.)
  • Fixed: The Pop-up displayed even if the Page,Post and category number are same.
  • Fixed: Leads not adding to the Convert Plus default campaign.
  • Fixed: Customizer not loading due to Conflict with 404 -301 plugin.
  • Fixed: PHP warning notices.

Version 3.4.5

7 Jun 2019


– Security: User with none role gets created on form submission by curl request for variants.

Version 3.4.4

3 Jun 2019


  • Improved sanitization, escaping and other security improvements.

Version 3.4.3

28 May 2019

Fix : Security vulnerability fix.

Version 3.4.2

16 May 2019

– Security update with cross-site scripting vulnerability issue.

Version 3.4.1

27 Feb 2019

– Improvement: Import/ Export includes analytics.
– Fixed: Resolved conflict with `Order Attachment Pro for WooCommerce` plugin.
– Fixed: Error notification email issue.

Version 3.4.0

14 Jan 2019

– New: Option to display a popup if Woocommerce item is in the cart on exit intent trigger.
– New: Option to load Js/CSS asynchronous.
– Fixed: Form Separator error for Jugaad style of the inline module.
– Fixed: Conflict with Twenty Nineteen Theme.

Version 3.3.6

29 Oct 2018

– Fixed: Direct Download Template Close Link not working.
– Fixed: Share count not working issue due to some API get deprecated.
– Improved: The extra addition of the slashes in the enqueue style.
– Improved: Added version number to all CSS and JS files.

Version 3.3.5

12 Sep 2018

– Fixes: Added ‘after_cp_activate’ action hook.
– Fixes: Error_logs for Geolocation.
– Fixes: PharData class not exist error.

Version 3.3.4

5 Sep 2018

Version 3.3.4
– Fixes: GEO Location breaks the site.
– Fixes: Contact not submitted with info bar and Slide in for Zapier.

Version 3.3.3

3 Sep 2018
  • New: GEO Location target setting to display or hide module in a particular country or countries
  • New: Option to change the Email address to receive Error notification.
  • New: Option to close gravity form from Convert Plus modules after form submission.
  • Improvement: Changed Google+ icon in social media style.
  • Fixed: YouTube Autoplay video not getting closed
  • Fixed: Audio not closed on popup close event for autoplay video.
  • Fixed: PDF file name set to NAN
  • Fixed: Inline modal popup background issue

Version 3.3.2

24 Jul 2018
  • New: Feature to export Analytics.
  • New: Prevent form submission for particular domain email IDs.
  • New: Introduced lazy load images.
  • New: Introduced Subscriber/ Newsletter template for Slide-In.
  • New: Introduced a filter to display specific Convert Plus module if some URL parameters set.
  • Improvement: Download multiple files after redirect URL on form submission.
  • Fixed: Space and scroll issue for the modal popup.
  • Fixed: HTML in Checkbox label is broken.